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Belleville Senators Kids Club - Paid Membership

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Belleville Senators fandom is for all ages - so now we have a newly launched Kids Club!  Would your child (up to age 13) love to be one of the inaugural members?  With a free or a paid membership option you can choose the one that works best for you!

The paid version includes -
- Welcome Message from Belly
- Membership Card with Lanyard
- 1 (one) concession coupon
- Electronic 'Happy Birthday' message from Belly
- Kids 'Check in to Win' eligibility at every game attended
- Mini-stick and ball set
- Kids Club hat
- 1 (one) free ticket w/ Belly's Birthday Club booking
- Access to Kids Club Special Event (details TBA)

One of our staff will reach out for all of your child's information following your completed purchase!

* Limited Spots Available *